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Fredericksburg VA Asphalt Pavement Tar and Chip Surface Treatment

Tar and Chip Paving is the most economical method of street and pavement resurfacing. It is commonly used by municipalities, retail centers and office complexes throughout the United States. Tar and Chip Paving is comparable to other resurfacing methods in prolonged life, durability and effectiveness, but costs 25-40% less than pavement overlays.

Benefits of Tar and Chip Paving

  • Very Cost-Effective - 25-40% Less than Pavement Overlays
  • Beautiful In Appearance & Virtually Maintenance-Free
  • Extremely Durable by Sealing Small Cracks and Imperfections Providing Superior Traction
  • Perfect For New Roads or Resurfacing Providing an Improved Surface Texture
  • Excellent Weatherproofing & Gives New Life to Weathered Surfaces
  • Protects Underlying Pavement from Oxidation, Aging, and Traffic Wear

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The Tar and Chip Paving Process:

  • Spraying a hot rubber-based emulsion onto the surface using heavy equipment
  • Immediate spreading a layer of uniformly sized aggregate chips
  • Rolling the new surface to seat the aggregate
  • After a very short curing time, pavement is swept of excess aggregate and is ready for use.

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